What month is Korean winter? What to prepare for travel?

What month is Korean winter? What to prepare for travel?

Korea – just hearing the name makes me feel quite cold. So should you travel to Korea in the winter? Because our country is mainly tropical climate, it rarely has such cold weather. But for those who like the cold, want to see snowfall or experience romantic scenes like Korean movies, this is the right time. Not only that, ski resorts and resorts in the land of Kimchi in winter also attract a large number of tourists

Winter in Korea starts from what month?

Winter in Korea usually starts from December to mid-March next year. However, at the end of November, it snowed in Seoul . The weather at this time is very cold, bitterly cold due to the influence of cold air from Siberia with temperatures ranging from -6 degrees Celsius and 3 degrees Celsius. During the coldest season of the year, Korea is covered with snowy scenery. picturesque white. This has attracted international visitors to the land of Kimchi, which is still crowded, despite the cold weather.

Should you travel to Korea in winter?

Love watching the snow, like once to feel the true cold of winter, but many people still wonder if they should travel to Korea in winter. In addition to the familiar attractions, the winter Korean tours also take visitors to a number of bustling resorts and ski areas to participate in typical sports activities: skiing, windsurfing, etc. To answer the questions of many of you, would like to give you the reasons why you should travel to Korea in the winter:

Skiing at Everland Amusement Park : As the largest theme park in Korea, Everland focuses on many exciting games and thrills. In winter, the park has a huge ski area with different slopes for players and support equipment: sleds, skis, etc.

Attend the Pyeongchang Ice Fishing Festival: this is one of the most famous festivals in Korea in winter. The ice here has been tested, determined to be safe and not the type that melts easily. If fishing, the winner can bring his finished product to the restaurant to be processed into a dish. Of course, fishing is not easy. Some participants sometimes just experience the thrill of ice fishing, different from normal fishing.

Soak in hot springs: in Korea there are resorts that are very suitable in winter. They have a sauna and spa with hot water from nature to help you relax, feel the warmth in the cold winter,

Snacking on the street: Korean street food is always new and attractive to many tourists. Not only familiar dishes such as spicy rice cakes, fish cakes, … but visitors also enjoy winter snacks in Korea: baked sweet potatoes, roasted chestnuts, etc. In the neighborhoods of Insadong , Jonggak or in front of the subway station in Seoul is always filled with the aroma of these dishes.

Buy at a discount: the end of the year is also the time when shopping centers in Seoul launch a lot of discounted goods. Locals also flocked to buy promotional items. Therefore, visitors will find bags, clothes, shoes, etc. at “soft” prices when visiting Korea at the end of the year.

Interesting activities when going to Korea in winter

Because of the cold air, often Korean tours in winter will not be as much as in autumn or spring. But when the winter comes, the land of Kimchi also has many interesting activities for tourists to participate in

1. Snowboarding

One of the most attractive activities when traveling to Korea in winter is snowboarding. From Seoul, there is always a bus to take visitors to ski resorts such as Pheonix Park Resort, Yongpyong Resort, Bear Town. These areas are open from late October to early March, so there will be plenty of time for tourists to visit.

2. Ice skating

Seoul has many skating rinks open all year round. But in winter, there are some very special outdoor skating rinks. Visitors will both skate and watch the gentle snowflakes fall.

A few places to visit such as Seoul Plaza Ice Rink at City Hall station, Sangam World Cup Rink at World Cup Stadium, Olympic Park Ice Rink at Olympic Station Park.

3. Join the ice fishing festival

Participating in the ice fishing festival will be an unforgettable memory in your winter trip to Korea. Even those who hate water fishing will enjoy participating in this festival.

The ice is more than 40 cm thick and only a small hole is punched to drop the fishing racket, so it is very safe, visitors do not worry about the ice cracking or melting. If you are lucky, you will catch some fish to bring to a nearby restaurant to make delicious and attractive dishes.

4. Buy at a discount

Winter time is also the time when the old year ends and the new year comes. That is also the time when the shopping centers in Seoul will sharply reduce the prices of goods and products. Locals also flocked to buy promotional items.

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