Travel experience for the first time going abroad

Travel experience for the first time going abroad

For the first time traveling abroad, you must be very nervous and confused about how to bring items, luggage and papers. So that you can experience the trip to the fullest. Let’s take 2 minutes to immediately refer to the  following travel experiences and prepare for your trip!

1. Documents and baggage

In order to have a smooth trip abroad, it is imperative that you make sure you do not forget any documents. Such as: identity papers, passports, etc. You must keep double declarations to serve exit procedures in other countries. As for tourists who are overseas Vietnamese or do not hold Vietnamese nationality, they need to re-declare the customs certificate. New entry and exit paper and need to prepare 4×6 photo in case of getting a visa to go abroad.

Another foreign travel experience you must keep in mind is to always carry identification, cash and valuable assets with you to avoid unfortunate circumstances that cause difficulties for your own entry and exit.

You should try to bring as little luggage as possible. So that the carry-on or return suitcase is only about 20 kg (carried by plane) and 5 kg of free hand baggage. Pay attention to the weather where you need to go so you can dress appropriately. If you bring valuable objects such as jewelry with large diamonds, expensive cameras, cameras, etc., you should declare it to customs.

2. Financial control

You will need to bring US dollars and will exchange it at the airport of your destination country. For convenience of shopping, use in different countries. To save money and avoid buying high-priced goods, when buying at a store or in a market, you should bargain. Especially in China, the price is usually 1/2 to 1/3 of the price. Sometimes even lower than the price the seller said. When buying goods in bulk, electronic goods with a value of more than 300 USD, you will have to automatically pay taxes and freight (if any).

3. Time difference

Sometimes, just because of the time difference, your trip abroad is incomplete. When booking flights, hotels, or renting transportation, you forget to take into account the time zone difference of your destination. So you can easily panic when you arrive but can’t rent a hotel, can’t buy a ticket for a plane, train or bus. First-time travel experience for you to deal with this problem is actually quite simple…You just need to find out in advance the local festival calendar during your travel. To not have any trouble for you in moving.

4. It is recommended to bring a map

To have an enjoyable trip abroad, the map plays a very important role for the first time foreigner. With a map in hand, you will not worry about getting lost when going out. Or find the hotel where you stay.

Some other notes:

    Don’t smoke in public

    Should bring a small medicine bag

    You will have to pay tax on bulk purchases or electronics worth more than 300USD

    Do not separate yourself if you are in a group

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