Experience: What you need to know when traveling to Europe

Experience: What you need to know when traveling to Europe.

Vietnamese tourists are tending to travel to Europe more and more, many people choose to go on a package tour so they don’t have to prepare too much, many people choose to go on their own so they can take the initiative in the schedule. Whether it’s a tour or a self-sufficient trip, visitors also need to know the information they need to know before going to Europe or simply before planning a trip to Europe.


When it comes to European visas, many tourists think of schengen visas, but in fact, they don’t have to go to Europe to get a schengen visa but only go to any country in the schengen region to get a schengen visa, the rest if they go to a European country, no If you belong to the schengen area, you must apply for a visa of that country according to the regulations. For example: going to Russia must apply for a Russian visa, going to the UK must apply for a British visa, etc.


Europe has more than 200 indigenous languages. Every commoner can speak 2 or more languages. Common languages ​​in many countries are German, English, French, Spanish, etc.

Power socket

European countries do not share the same type of electrical outlet, each country has its own differences in electrical plugs. The most common is the F socket with 2 pins (commonly round pins). Travelers traveling to Europe are best advised to buy an adapter for ease of use for all destinations.

Flight tickets

From Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang) there are a number of direct flights to Europe such as to Turkey, France, Germany, Czech, etc. Some routes will transit 1-2 times. When traveling, travelers consider choosing the right flight as well as considering the long transit time or not. In case of long transit, you can refer to relevant information such as: is there a room during transit? Visas for transit in transit countries,…


The cost of traveling to Europe is quite expensive, in which accommodation accounts for a significant cost. The accommodation services that visitors can choose from are: hostel/dorm, mini hotel/guesthouse, hotel, airbnb, etc. Depending on the pocket, visitors can choose for themselves a suitable accommodation service. .


Food in Europe is basically not difficult for Vietnamese people to eat. The dishes usually include bread, soup, meat, etc. If going on a long journey many tourists will feel craving for Vietnamese food, in some big cities, especially where many Asians live, there are also some food. Vietnamese restaurant.

Means of transport in European countries

Traveling in European countries is basically very convenient. Visitors can take a plane, train or take a bus. Besides, if you have an international driver’s license and are familiar with the road (otherwise, you can use map applications), you can rent a self-driving car to go. As for traveling in the city, visitors can take the metro, tram, bus, taxi, public bicycle rental service, etc.

Popular tourist destinations

Europe has a lot of attractive destinations or rather, each country is an attractive destination for tourists to consider based on their needs to choose the right destination. Popular destinations in Europe are: Italy, France. Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, Spain,…

Safe security

Europe is a safe destination for tourists, but a frequent problem in European countries is pickpocketing and fraud. Usually come from immigrants. Visitors are best advised to pay attention to everything around them and their personal possessions to avoid pickpockets, staging, scams, etc.


Europe is one of the shopping paradises for Vietnamese tourists, luxury items are bought by many tourists such as watches, bags, clothes, fashion accessories, etc. Food and souvenirs are also selected. When shopping, visitors need to be reminded to choose reputable places, and at the same time need to learn about the tax refund policy of the country they buy from or the store they buy from. Tax refund policy in Europe has several forms such as: on-site tax refund, tax refund at the airport, etc.

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