Experience self-sufficient travel to Sentosa island from AZ: entertainment paradise in Singapore!

Experience self-sufficient travel to Sentosa island from A-Z: entertainment paradise in Singapore!

Sentosa Island is an entertainment paradise in Singapore. Surely when you come to Lion Island, you will spend at least a day here. So what are the interesting activities here? Let’s discover the self-sufficient travel experience of Sentosa Singapore island from AZ in the article below!

1. Introduction to Sentosa Island

Sentosa is an island located on the south coast of Singapore, connected to the mainland by a 500m long bridge. In Malay, Sentosa means “quiet and peaceful”. In the past it was one of the busy harbors in the Strait of Malacca.

Today the island is an entertainment complex including a 2km long beach, golf course, hotel, resort, casino, Universal studio, aquarium, etc. This also explains why this is the destination of about approx. 20 million tourists a year (pre-Covid numbers, of course).

Just a brief introduction, but now invite everyone to explore this beautiful island!

2. How to get to Sentosa from the center

2.1. From center to Vivo city

In Singapore, the most popular means of transport is by train (MRT). The train system here is very smart, connecting all lines together, so it can be changed easily. All you need is to determine where to go and follow the instructions at the train stations in case you want to change stations.

From the city center, remember to find HabourFront, which is the closest station to Sentosa. In addition, you can also take the bus (still can use the train pass) or take a taxi (but do not recommend this way because of the high price, the driver is quite fancy).

2.2. From Vivo city to Sentosa

OK, now that you have arrived at HarborFront station, you will first arrive at Vivo city. This is one of the largest shopping malls in Singapore. It is true that the administrators of your country do not disappoint tourists, put the shopping paradise next to the entertainment paradise :))

From Vivo city you have 3 ways to move to Sentosa:

    By train:  Fast, cost 4$S/person, but you may have to wait (note: $S is Singapore dollars guys)

    Take the cable car: The price is a bit expensive $ 33 for adults, $ 22 for children but will have a panoramic view of the island from above

    Trains “run on rice”: This is the cheapest and most delicious way. Please go to lobby F on the 1st floor, there will be a walkway leading to the footbridge to Sentosa island. On the way there are some sections with slides so you don’t have to walk completely. Therefore, it is quite suitable for walkers and joggers like me.

3. How to buy tickets to play in Sentosa Island?

There are many ways to buy tickets to play in Sentosa, among which the popular ways are:

    The first way: also the simplest way is to buy through Sentosa’s partners in Vietnam. You can buy tickets to Universal studios (or movie studios ), Sentosa Fun pass tickets to visit many places such as Aquarium, Trick eye museum, Cable car, .. or food vouchers. The advantage of this method is that it is completely in Vietnamese, so it is quick and easy to manipulate. You can buy it at reputable agencies like Klook here !

    Second way: go to Sentosa homepage to book tickets. You will then receive a confirmation email and can take the confirmation to the ticket counter in Vivo city to exchange for your ticket in Singapore. However, all operations are in English and must use visa/master card . So if you don’t know it, you will have a lot of trouble.

    The third way: Go to Vivo city and queue to buy tickets. This will cost you a lot of time and possibly miss the fun. In addition, here you will lose your presentation in English again. So I don’t recommend this way.

4. Sentosa Island self-sufficient travel experience from AZ: where to play?

4.1. Universal studios

If you are a Hollywood fan, welcome to Universal studios. Here you will be directly transformed into blockbusters such as Transformers, Egyptian Mummy, Jurassic world, … and many other top-notch movie shows.

Vivid images, realistic sound, dramatic to every second like in the movie. In general, it’s high to the brain, ka ka. If you love adventure games like in Sun world Ha Long park, then go!

4.2. SEA Aquarium

If you’ve ever been to the Aquarium in Times city, congratulations…you will be DANGEROUS when you step into the aquarium in Sentosa. It can be said that you will see a true miniature ocean model.

In addition to the fish that swim all year round and are still… fat, you will see giant stingrays, sea eels that cannot be used to cook eel vermicelli. It turned out that the absent-minded Dory was hiding here, making the clownfish Nemo have to go “Finding Dory” . Come to immerse yourself in the ocean world here!

4.3. Trick eye musem

In the article Penang, there are not only murals , I introduced the unique and strange Upside down museum. In Sentosa, there is a Trick eye museum that is more popular in many parts of the world. With artistic 3D models that deceive the eye, this is the paradise of virtual check-in believers!

4.4. Cable car view of the whole island

If you want to see the abundance of this paradise, take the cable car. The cable car ride is close to the giant Merlion (Imbiah Station). Tickets to the cable car can be purchased separately or included in the Day fun pass combo that you have purchased, so make the most of it!

4.5. The giant Merlion statue in Sentosa

Merlion is a statue of a lion’s head and fish’s tail, creating the famous nickname “Lion Island” for Singapore. This is one of the two largest Merlion statues in Singapore, the other in Marina Bay. However, I heard that it is about to be demolished to open a route connecting the north and south coasts of Sentosa. If that’s the case, it’s a pity, lol

4.6. Beach area

The beach area is located at the last metro station Beach station. You can swim or walk along the beach to enjoy the fresh air. This place has a few lawns and sand beaches overlooking the sea. In addition, this is a convenient location to overlook the Strait of Malacca – the most important route in maritime history.

4.7. Other locations in Sentosa . Island

In addition to the above highlights, there are many other interesting activities in Sentosa for children and families. These can be mentioned as: experience as a pilot; go to find treasure; explore the butterfly and insect kingdom; cycling; climbing the wall, etc. So this is also an ideal place for a family picnic.

5. Sentosa Island self-sufficient travel experience from AZ: what to eat and where to eat?

The above talked a lot about playing, now it’s time to eat and drink. The old people still say “Only the truth can save the Way” so this is a very important part of a day in Sentosa. Like in other amusement parks, Sentosa also has shops selling drinks and fast food for visitors.

But I am especially impressed with the food street here. The restaurants are designed in the typical Chinese style with a lot of delicious dishes, at reasonable prices. In addition, there is a cool air conditioner. So this is the right place to “recharge” for a long day in Sentosa Island.

6. Some Notes

Some notes about the self-sufficient travel experience on Sentosa Island Singapore from AZ that I want to emphasize include:

    Internal train: Trains going within Sentosa are free, only departing from Vivo city will be charged. So in the afternoon, try to walk for exercise, in the afternoon you can take the train for free!

    Outdoor locations: It is recommended to play the outdoor areas first because the noon here is quite sunny. It is best to apply more sunscreen and wear a hat.

    Games in Universal : Contraindicated for you heart attack, dizziness, nausea should not join. So think before you book. Well, the ticket is valid for 6 months, so you can still pass it if you don’t use it.

    Buy a 4G sim: It is recommended to get a sim to gradually update the photos because when you come back, it will take many days to post all the pictures. If traveling in a group, you can buy a sim or rent a 4G transmitter from Klook for savings. This sim can be used throughout Southeast Asia, so it is very convenient if you go to Malaysia to play. Link to buy/rent sim here

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