11 great things that make Swedish tourism more and more popular

11 great things that make Swedish tourism more and more popular

Tourism Sweden is known for its epic landscapes, rich cuisine, amazing architecture and the happiest people on the planet. Other things that make Swedish tourism more popular are ABBA, lingonberries, northern lights, music festivals, saunas, IKEA, Volvo cars, Spotify and pickled herring. That is why Sweden becomes a great destination in the European travel itinerary. Let’s explore 11 great things that make Swedish tourism more and more famous with the article below.

The local people live happily, happily

Along with Scandinavian citizens, Swedes regularly rank in lists of the happiest countries in the world. Of course, everyone’s perspective on happiness is different. Long life expectancy, a great social support system and six hours a day, it seems, are the factors that make Sweden one of the happiest places in the world.

Wild land

Sweden is extremely famous for its outdoor activities. That’s why so many people spend their weekends and summer exploring, hiking, camping and staying in country cabins to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the peace of mind. yourself with nature.

It’s no surprise to learn that Sweden is some of the happiest countries in the world as 9% of Sweden’s total area is covered by lakes, national parks and a coastline of about 2,000 miles. mile. This wild land, apart from the quaint summer cottages, the countryside not too far from the city, is a great place to enjoy the natural world. With mountains, lakes, parks, forests, rivers and vast lowlands, it’s truly an attraction for everyone.

Excellent environmental properties

Sweden sends only about 1% of its waste to landfill, the rest is reused, recycled or burned for energy. This is a huge achievement and something this country is very proud of.

As such, Sweden is a ray of light for other countries eager to reduce their environmental impact, showing that if Sweden can do it, other countries can too. Not only is Sweden’s waste output low, but their renewable energy sources, carbon dioxide emissions and sustainability education system are among the best in the world.

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon loved by everyone, and Sweden is one of the best countries in the world to witness this natural phenomenon first-hand. The Aurora Borealis is a natural light show created when charged particles from the sun collide with Earth’s atmosphere in the sky.

The Northern Lights can usually be seen from September to March in Sweden, when the country’s nights stretch into winter. Whether you choose to visit Kiruna, Aurora Sky Station in Abisko National Park, Jukkasjärvi or Sweden’s Lapland, you’re sure to see amazing views and incredible Northern Lights.

Swedish cuisine is full of flavors

Many of us know Swedish cuisine known for its IKEA meatballs and Diam bar, but the country is also known for its fine dining, café culture and delightful delicacies. From fermented milk and Surströmming – the controversial fermented salted herring to delicious dishes like Kanelbulle – waffles, cranberries and Prinsesstårta, Sweden really has a lot to offer for enthusiasts. culinary.

Of course, with its long coastline and more than 90,000 lakes, Sweden is famous for its delicious fish dishes, but even if you’re a vegetarian, there’s plenty to enjoy. Alternatively, if you’re looking for fine dining, head to Stockholm, home to Frantzén, Oaxen Krog and Gastrologik, which serve traditional dishes and are beautifully decorated.

Midnight sun

The midnight sun is a very special natural phenomenon in Sweden. This is the period of time when the sun never sets below the horizon. This natural wonder occurs in the summer in the area above the Arctic Circle in Sweden, between May and July. At this time, daylight will last indefinitely, depending on the location. different locations across the country.

Although 24-hour daylight can mess with your circadian rhythm, wear an eye mask if you want to sleep. It also means you have more time to make the most of your Sweden trip.

With swimming in the lake, late-night parties, and seemingly endless festivals in Sweden at this time. You can even go to the Arctic Golf Course to play ball in the middle of the night. That means there’s plenty to keep you entertained during these long summer months.

Upbeat music

After the US and UK, Sweden is the country with the third largest musicians worldwide with some famous names. The most famous band from Sweden is of course ABBA with countless albums and chart-topping singles, in addition to some other prominent names such as Europe (The Final Countdown), Rednex (Cotton Eye Joe) ), The Cardigans, Basshunter, Eagle-Eye Cherry, Zara Larsson, Eric Prydz and Avicii.

Sweden is also one of the top destinations in the world if you also want to attend a music festival, with epic gatherings like Lollapalooza, Summerburst, Festival of Peace and Love, Swedish Rock Festival . These are some of the highlights of this tourist country.


While IKEA and Volvo have long been popular Swedish brands, Swedish tech companies are also changing the world. You’re sure to use at least one of their technologies without even realizing it.

Swedish companies and entrepreneurs have created brands like Skype, Spotify, Klarna and games like Candy Crush, Minecraft that are famous all over the world. With free-thinking, great internet-available green proofs, and forward-thinking ideas, it’s no wonder startups pop up here all the time.

Unique hotel

To help tourists make the most of Sweden’s stunning landscapes, architects and hoteliers have come together to create a variety of attractive accommodations. From treehouses and ice hotels to Northern Lights cabins, and Jumbo Jet lodges. Many of these hotels are unique, offering guests unforgettable adventures in the wilderness.

If you want something even more quirky, you can choose to stay at the Sala Silvergruva “mine”, a hotel room located 155 meters above ground in the former Swedish silver mine. It’s said to be the deepest hotel room in the world, and while it’s not exactly bright and airy, it’s sure to be a memorable trip.

Sauna is a way of life in Sweden

In Sweden, enjoying a sauna is a way of life. Swedes often gather with friends and family in saunas to talk out all their problems in a wooden hut.

However, it is important that you know about sauna etiquette because depending on where you are, the rules may be slightly different. In international hotels and saunas for both men and women, you can wear a swimsuit. However, in local recreation centers, ski resorts and private bathrooms, you must bring a small towel. This is a great experience to get rid of toxins in the body.

Fika – Swedish culinary culture

Last but not least is the Swedish art of Fika, a Scandinavian custom – similar to Hygge and Lykke. Fika is the art of coffee and cake, a mind exercise that helps people connect and relax.

This is a culture that appeals to people of all ages across the country. Fika is time for coffee, cake, and conversation, not time for work or fieldwork. Whether you’re enjoying Fika at someone’s home or in a quiet, cozy cafe, you’ll feel more at peace after a latte with oat milk and a waffle.

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