Discussion on classic Dutch literature – its relationship with French literature

The Dutch-French Institute in Hanoi – L’Espace and Nha Nam Culture and Communication Joint Stock Company invite you to attend the seminar “Finding classic works that have been adapted into… Read more

Painting exhibition “Brilliantly Quiet” performed by ATTH

In the spring of 2021, ATRIPTOHOLLAND ACADEMY (ATTH) chooses to present the masterpieces of two great French painters Claude Monet and Pierre Bonnard in an exhibition titled “Brilliant Silence”, taking… Read more

Training Course on this week: Developing Art and Culture Communication Skills

This is the age of “self-communication” in an open world, with free communication tools and platforms, rich selection of information, confusing and easy to forget. These conditions allow you (individuals… Read more

Exhibition of the Month: “Inside / In the middle / Underneath / Over”

In the group exhibition ‘Inside / In the middle / Underneath / Over’ this time, The Factory focuses on discovering and introducing the sculptural practice of three artists Le Hien… Read more

Holland18: A show of project “Planet of Mankind”

It’s hard to think of an American film that caused more backlash in 2020 than “Planet of Mankind”. Focusing on the topic of planetary extinction and daydreaming suggestions to prevent… Read more

Hot Event of the month: Music Concert with Herman Trio Band

In collaboration with the Inspirito School of Music, Saigon Chamber Music and the Goethe-Institut, Herman Trio invites students from conservatories in Vietnam to attend a two-week online training program to… Read more

Talks Show “”art for art’s sake and art for humanity’s sake” on this April

Continuing the series of journeys of aesthetic ideas with Sunday Art Club in webinar platform, AtriptoHolland invites you to attend a talkshow to revolve around the eternal themes of “art… Read more

Applying to study abroad – what no one is saying to you

Like the general spirit of the blog, this article is based entirely on my own experience, mostly experiences you can not easily find anywhere on the internet. I myself have… Read more

Five of criterias to choose the school to apply for scholarship

Once you know the three rules in the previous article, I will introduce the criteria that you should consider and consider when deciding to apply for a university. 1. Two… Read more

The keys of choosing a university to apply for scholarship

In this article I will give you the method you have to choose the appropriate choice, this is a long article but expect you to read it carefully. The fact… Read more